Donbass Novorossiya — Eastern Ukraine Fighting

This is the latest video of fighting from Novorossiya (New Russia) with the Ukraine forces. Please watch this to understand the opinions of real people, see the full cost of fighting and humanitarian crisis in the region that used to be known as Eastern Ukraine. These videos are updated daily. Only by seeing the real battles, scenes of destruction and the interviews with participants of the events, you will get a feel of who is really fighting there.

This war is probably the first conflict where each and every soldier has a cellphone and can record all that is happening around him/her. These are the real stories of the real people on the battlefield.

Fighting in what used to be known as Eastern Ukraine

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One of my favorite Russian political analysis shows discussing Russian matters, international affairs, economy, Ukraine, USA and European matters. No english subtitles.

Главрадио Онлайн. Смотрите последний выпуск аналитической программы Главрадио. Михаил Леонтьев, Михаил Юрьев и Анатолий Кузичев говорят о последних событиях в области политики, экономики и международных отношений. Первые несколько минут можно пропустить т.к. программа обычно идет в прямом эфире. Классная программа, не пожалеете.

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