Кремль главная достопримечательность столицы России. В Кремле находиться резиденция Путина.
The Kremlin is the main attraction of the capital of Russia. In the Kremlin is the residence of Putin.

Опубликовано в Moscow

Western Media Propaganda: Ukrainian Crisis

It is rare that someone in the Western press writes an article that is more or less balanced. Usually, it is the caricature depiction of Putin as a tyrant, comparison to Stalin or Hitler, a reference to his KGB past, corruption, etc. Words that sound like a mantra, meant to engrain this image in the heads of the Western readers rather than provide a solid political analysis. The editors however realize that not to sound like propaganda, sometimes a more or less balanced articles needs to be presented. Of course, these will not offer an opposite perspective but at least, they will temporary present a balanced perspective, where Russia is still going to be at fault but at a lesser extent. This meant to give the sense of fairness to the analysis but ultimately solidify Russia as the aggressor but with a softer side.

Recently, BBC has published a piece by Anatol Lieven on how can the West solve its Ukraine problem. In this article, the author mentions the fact that Russia was heavily subsidizing Ukrainian economy for the past two decades, that the movement towards the EU integration will be disastrous to the Ukrainian industry and that part of Ukrainian forces fighting in Donbass are neo-Nazis. Of course, Putin is shown to be ultimately at fault but at least some of the real problems were also noted in the article.

Donbass Novorossiya — Eastern Ukraine Fighting

This is the latest video of fighting from Novorossiya (New Russia) with the Ukraine forces. Please watch this to understand the opinions of real people, see the full cost of fighting and humanitarian crisis in the region that used to be known as Eastern Ukraine. These videos are updated daily. Only by seeing the real battles, scenes of destruction and the interviews with participants of the events, you will get a feel of who is really fighting there.

This war is probably the first conflict where each and every soldier has a cellphone and can record all that is happening around him/her. These are the real stories of the real people on the battlefield.

Fighting in what used to be known as Eastern Ukraine

GlavRadio Online


One of my favorite Russian political analysis shows discussing Russian matters, international affairs, economy, Ukraine, USA and European matters. No english subtitles.

Главрадио Онлайн. Смотрите последний выпуск аналитической программы Главрадио. Михаил Леонтьев, Михаил Юрьев и Анатолий Кузичев говорят о последних событиях в области политики, экономики и международных отношений. Первые несколько минут можно пропустить т.к. программа обычно идет в прямом эфире. Классная программа, не пожалеете.

Latest Glav Radio Show

Sochi — Best Winter Olympics ever!

Sochi Olympics! What an amazing night, the closing ceremonies in Sochi! This is the best winter Olympics ever, beautiful, modern, huge, convenient, simply astonishing!!! We did it! Number one in gold medals and the overall standing! Despite all the criticism and hysteria in the Western press prior to the games, this was a spectacle!!! Can we shut up the critics at least for one night? It will resume tomorrow but today we’ve won! Proud to be Russian. We have a bright future ahead of us!

Sochi Closing Ceremony


Russian Gold Medalists


Sochi Olympics

Sochi Olympics — Here are some beautiful venues and stadiums built for the Sochi Olympic games. The legacy of Olympics, reflected in these buildings, will remain for decades to come. Sochi may become a true world skiing resort after the games are over.

As a Russian, it is really funny to read Western press with all the criticism of the $50 billion spend. Majority of Russians, myself included, do not care. This is how we do projects; we are all in: yes we overspend, yes it is not perfect but name me another country that could develop something like this from scratch, including railways, power plants, highways, tunnels, sewage systems, 5 star hotels, all in this short amount of time. Sochi Olympics is a true show of a Russian character; this is how we succeed against all odds (think being first in space and defeating Germans during WWII).







Moscow Downtown

Moscow Downtown (also known as a Moscow City) is a skyscrapper complex at the heart of Moscow that has been recently build to be the financial and business center of Russia’s capital. Construction is still in the works with more buildings in the works. I like the modern look of Moscow’s downtown. I do hope they build more skyscrappers of various shapes and sizes.



Saint Petersburg

Saint Petersburg — Saint Petersburg City — St. Petersburg — Russia’s Northern Capital — Санкт-Петербург. Saint Petersburg view of the bridges. Russia’s most European city built by Peter the Great on the shores of Neva river. White Nights. Night view. Saint Petersbourg.

Saint Petersburg



Sochi — Sochi 2014 — Sochi Logo — Sochi Olympics — Sochi Olympic Games — Sochi Symbol — Sochi sign. 2014 Winter olympic games will happen in Sochi, Russia. Sochi is probably the hottest place in Russia and to have winter olympics in southern most city of Russia was … well … very Russian.



Putin with Guns

Putin Guns — Putin with Guns — People in the west love to see Putin in his macho image, e.g. with guns as it confirms to their stereotypes of the «ruthless Russian president». Vladimir loves to play with the West and enjoys when western media falls for his tricks. And of course what can be better than guns, sniper rifle and a naked torso.

Putin with Guns