Sochi — Best Winter Olympics ever!

Sochi Olympics! What an amazing night, the closing ceremonies in Sochi! This is the best winter Olympics ever, beautiful, modern, huge, convenient, simply astonishing!!! We did it! Number one in gold medals and the overall standing! Despite all the criticism and hysteria in the Western press prior to the games, this was a spectacle!!! Can we shut up the critics at least for one night? It will resume tomorrow but today we’ve won! Proud to be Russian. We have a bright future ahead of us!

Sochi Closing Ceremony


Russian Gold Medalists



Sochi — Sochi 2014 — Sochi Logo — Sochi Olympics — Sochi Olympic Games — Sochi Symbol — Sochi sign. 2014 Winter olympic games will happen in Sochi, Russia. Sochi is probably the hottest place in Russia and to have winter olympics in southern most city of Russia was … well … very Russian.