Sochi Olympics

Sochi Olympics — Here are some beautiful venues and stadiums built for the Sochi Olympic games. The legacy of Olympics, reflected in these buildings, will remain for decades to come. Sochi may become a true world skiing resort after the games are over.

As a Russian, it is really funny to read Western press with all the criticism of the $50 billion spend. Majority of Russians, myself included, do not care. This is how we do projects; we are all in: yes we overspend, yes it is not perfect but name me another country that could develop something like this from scratch, including railways, power plants, highways, tunnels, sewage systems, 5 star hotels, all in this short amount of time. Sochi Olympics is a true show of a Russian character; this is how we succeed against all odds (think being first in space and defeating Germans during WWII).








Sochi — Sochi 2014 — Sochi Logo — Sochi Olympics — Sochi Olympic Games — Sochi Symbol — Sochi sign. 2014 Winter olympic games will happen in Sochi, Russia. Sochi is probably the hottest place in Russia and to have winter olympics in southern most city of Russia was … well … very Russian.